One more crazy, intense week to survive before I can get back to the things I really want to do this Spring. Spend time with my kids. Play in the garden. Sew. Weave. Pull weeds. Lay in my hammock.

What’s been keeping me busy? Well, on top of my regular work, we’re hosting an Open House for the Tucson Festival of Books. This book festival is probably the largest in the country in terms of attendance by now. We’re staying away from the craziness of the Main event, but opening our doors and hosting booths outside to engage with folks. Our focus this year is Children’s literacy, so we’re going to have story telling, face painting, and so many hands-on activities. And I am organizing it all. To say it’s been a little intense is like saying the East has a little snowstorm this winter.

So, for now, here’s what we were able to do this weekend.

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February Weekend

It was the only weekend I didn’t have to work this month, although I was on call with the new exhibit being installed. Valentine’s Day, a silly holiday to most, but one I like to celebrate. The kids were so excited for the last two weeks, making valentines and art every day. They loved their gifts from Cupid, and we really had a wonderful weekend.

We pulled weeds (well, I did), and played outside, just enjoying the beautiful weather. The chickens enjoyed the weeds – it’s mostly london rocket. Their egg production sure has increased! It’s a little disheartening seeing three hours of weeding really only cleared a small area. But, I also dismantled the old garden area fence, and dug out those fence posts. Which actually took a rather long, painful, amount of time. I looked through the blog archives to see when I had installed that old garden area just outside of our bedroom, but couldn’t tell. It was my original kitchen garden, located as far away from the kitchen as possible. Which was why it never really did very well. Removing the ocotillo fence really opens up the back patio. The plans for this space are to add another seating area and an outdoor shower – to use after visiting the hot tub. We really need one! But first, the weeds must go!

Everyone had their favorite meal: the kids wanted pigs in a blanket and boxed mac and cheese. Someday they’ll have better tastes! We had a yummy mushroom risotto and roasted rack of lamb with pistachios and parsley. It was SO good! Sunday was grey and cloudy, but equally nice. We had some friends over for a play date, and I was able to work on my crewel embroidery project.

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Hope you all had a lovely weekend! Unless you are buried underneath that latest blizzard on the east coast, in which case, I hope you stayed warm!


It seems all I have time for lately is sharing snapshots of our weekends. Work is very busy, with festivals, workshops, and more events to plan for. I’m working parts of the weekend, which makes for a shorter time to enjoy everything at home. I’ve got some really great creative work-related stuff to share, and will do so soon.

Meanwhile, the weather has been amazing for February. Sunny days. Lovely.

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2015-02-08 14.53.45 2015-02-08 18.57.28


The change of season has finally arrived. Halloween night was the warmest night I can recall of Halloween’s past. It may have been all the velvet I was wearing, but it was warm. Sophia came home from sick with a cold and cough, which seems to be going around. Gabe had it earlier in the week – but it was croup. Seems everyone is getting a cold of some sort. We made an early night of trick-or-treating, and came home.

2014-10-31 18.04.41 2014-10-31 18.06.26

We woke up to a cool morning. Jon and the kids went to the playground for a bit in the morning. We just played inside and out all afternoon, while I cooked up a storm. We took down all the Halloween decorations, and put up Thanksgiving ones. Sunday was also very cool. I had some planting to get in – my seeds haven’t been germinating, but I think some are finally coming up. I even managed to find some time to sew a pair of pants for Gabe while the kids played with play-do.

2014-11-02 12.49.24

2014-11-02 12.45.56 2014-11-03 07.01.40

I joined a couple of girlfriends for a movie. We saw Gone Girl at Roadhouse Cinemas – a new movie joint in town with reclining seats, food & drink you can order from your seats, and smaller theaters. It was a fantastic experience – I’ll be going there again.  The movie was well done (adapted from a book of the same title), creepy and disturbing, and well cast.

2014-11-02 13.46.49

Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend, and nice week to look forward too! Autumn is here, at last!

the weekend

Another beautiful autumn weekend in the desert. Cooler temperatures and blue skies. Pumpkins, gardening, long bike rides, and even some cleaning out of the shed. Good food, early mornings (Gabe!), lovely sunrises, and sleeping with the windows open. Add a little bit of sewing, and it’s all a good thing.

2014-10-09 16.28.01 2014-10-12 20.39.16

2014-10-11 09.06.44 2014-10-11 10.44.03

Autumn. I like it.