It’s been an unbelievably busy month. Thanksgiving flew by, and Christmas is only a few short weeks ahead. Gabriel had a special event with the preschool down the road from his school to share a Thanksgiving Feast. He was so cute up on stage!


We went to Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday. My brother and his wife flew in from Washington, and we cooked the meal at my sister’s house. I was surprised at how much fun it was cooking with everyone in the kitchen! My dad sat by the fireplace, and the cousins had a blast playing together (except when waiting for the food to be served!)

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Can't you feel the joy?
Can’t you feel the joy?



On Friday, we took some family photos, visited a brewery, and checked out the Phoenix zoo lights. Saturday, Sedona turned 8 years old! We head back to Tucson to settle in for a few days of rest after our trip. My sister sent the kids home with a new toy, which they adore.

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