{In My Garden}

After installing my anti-mole wire in the base of my veggie beds, and adding 18 cf of soil…I left my garden alone. It was still too warm to plant anything. My tomatoes and herbs in pots would have to be suffice until it cooled down.

Then it seemed like every week we had a storm. Sometimes it rained just a drizzle, and other times, a downpour – 4.5 inches at once –  in one instance. I was just itching to get some seeds and plants back in the ground. And at long last, this past weekend, I did just that!

sept garden

I planted:

  • two quinault strawberry plants (they are so sweet!)
  • purple basil
  • heirloom onion starts
  • alyssum (because it smells so nice)
  • sweet peas (they remind me of my grandpa)
  • two mini eggplants
  • spinach seeds
  • three more tomato plants in pots

Not too much, but just enough of the summer plants that should continue growing and the autumn greens I am craving. Once I fill the other veggie bed with the 18cf of soil it needs, I’ll be planting more autumn greens like kale and chard, along with my carrots and radishes. I can’t wait!  With any luck, the cooler temperatures will come (and a few more storms wouldn’t hurt to get my seeds sprouted!)


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