Ten Years Later

We moved into our house ten years ago this past August. Since moving in, we got married (at the house),  added a chicken coop, buried cats, and birthed two delightful children (at the hospital). Not to mention many home improvement projects. Let’s a tour, shall we?
Front of House-THEN//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Then: The front of the house was uninspired. There was a half-moon driveway that went right up to the front door. Very little vegetation in the front.



2015-03-07 08.36.55Now: We enclosed the front area with an adobe wall to make a private garden. We added a porch so we would have a place to sit and watch those monsoon storms, a flagstone pathway that leads to a pond, and raised veggie beds. Still working increasing the landscaping elsewhere (damn those moles!), but we’re getting there.


Then: The living living room (and the hallway) was HOT PINK when we moved in. Walls, ceiling, and trim. Awful!

fireplace living room 1 living room2

Living room//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

living room//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Now: We added a double sided fireplace and painted the walls a nice creamy light orange and the trim a dark basil color. Currently, we have less furniture in the room. I rather like it this way, when looking back at old photos. Ten years later, we’re painting again! I also took down the old crown molding that was tiny! Stay tuned for more!

kitchen-THEN//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js Kitchen-THEN//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Then: The kitchen was divided from the dining room with the upper cabinets blocking the view. The saltillo tile was nice (except it never looked clean), and so was the yellow color on the walls (until you got something on the wall and had to wipe it away – it was flat paint). I hated, hated the tile on the counter tops. Not that it wasn’t pretty, but that it made cooking so difficult. I did get a promise that within ten years we could remodel.

kitchen  (14) kitchen  (18)

Now: We remodeled the kitchen last summer. What a transformation! I still catch myself marveling at the light and open feel of the kitchen. I truly love cooking in here, and I love that Sophia does her homework right across from my while I prepare dinner.



Then: My bathroom was purple, had an old, possible original sink and counter top, and yellow tile. The tile itself wasn’t too bad, but the old glass door in the tub was always hard to clean.


Now: We ripped everything out and started new. We moved the wall where the tub is located to allow for a larger soaking tub. Not that I get much time in there nowadays with the kids, but I have hopes for the future. The theme for this bathroom was our visits to Maine beaches. Sandy yellow tiles, with a serpentine rock pathway. Sea glass for the tile back splash. Light blues and grey, with greens. Wood, similar to driftwood. I adore this bathroom!




Then: You couldn’t walk from the back of the house to the property line, there was so much overgrown vegetation!

2015-03-07 17.36.12 2015-03-07 17.43.16

winter break (5)

Now: We cleared the overgrown material, created a space to get married in the back beneath a large mesquite tree where the kids’ place structure is currently located, built rock-lined pathways, and added a chicken coop. Jon installed two levels of flagstone patios. We added a couple of concrete pads (one for a dance floor), the other for a hot tub. We’re working this fall to install another shed structure so Jon can have a separate home office space. Someday, we’d like to put in a guest house in the way far back.



Sewing Studio - THEN//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

Then: The sewing studio was a dream. Old stained carpet, boring walls.

2015-02-28 14.11.40

Now: After a couple of iterations, we have stained concrete floors, just like the kitchen. A lovely turquoise color on the wall brightens the dark space. All of our books are installed along one wall. But the biggest change is this is now my studio. Lots of fabric, a place to sew, and a place to work from home. I adore this space. When I’m home, both the dog and cat are always right there with me. I love having a space for myself! Now to build one for Jon!


I love looking back and seeing all we have done to make this place our home.


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