We were so fortunate to receive two days of monsoon storms this weekend! The washes were flowing (and we had a small backup due to a downed tree branch and debris in one wash), and the cisterns are filled completely. The humidity was totally worth it! Some of these pictures are blurry, since we took them from the safety of indoors. The lightening was hitting pretty close to the house!

monsoon (2)
You can see the water backing up here behind the trailer!
monsoon (7)
two washes joining

monsoon (1) monsoon (3) monsoon (4) monsoon (5) monsoon (6) monsoon (9) monsoon (12)All of the rain is great for the plants in the garden. Not much in the veggie beds currently (give me two more weeks until I plant more seeds), but the plants in the ground and pots sure appreciated the rain. I cut all my tomatoes back by 2/3, so I’m hoping they bound back once this heat goes away. Which may be never, but hopefully by mid-September it will be less intense. I’m hoping to plant my fall garden by then…


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