Coming Home

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog. Lots going on here though, as seen on instagram. The day we returned from our trip, I feel and sprained my wrist very badly. It’s not fractured, but I was incredible pain for a couple of weeks. Naturally, I did not sit back and let it heal like I ought to, oh no. I decided that the garden beds needed to be dug up and anti-mole wire installed. That even if I could not lift 3 cf bags of soil, I needed to get 18 cf placed in one bed. I also needed to take an old bed frame to the thrift store (after loading it by myself). I also needed to start painting that old green trim white! You can see where I’m heading with this…

So, here we are, weeks later, and I’m just starting to feel better – although I still have pain in my wrist when I type, chop veggies, and drive.  But it’s slowly healing…and I’m trying to rest, but there’s so much I want to do! I had a whole week to myself after the kids went back to school, and before I had to head back.

I added pockets to an old dress for the perfect garden dress!
The new and improved garden bed, with the anti-mole wire.
Shirring! OMG – SO MUCH FUN!
Made a lovely Washi Dress
Waited impatiently for the storm to roll in…
Made yet another perfect weekend dress

0812150546 IMG_20150806_082336


And this little guy in the last picture, well, he’s my new partner in crime. He deserves his own post, but for now, this is Simon.

Hope your end of summer has been just as much fun as mine, minus the hurt wrist!



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