PNW: The Journey Home

Jon flew home from our PNW trip that day after Sophia’s birthday. We began the journey on Monday, heading for Eugene. We stayed at the Armitage Park campground in Eugene. We met up that afternoon with friends we had made three years prior when we were last in Eugene. It was sweet to see everyone – and see how much older all the kids were. Gabe was only six months old last time! The camp ground was lovely, although our spot had little shade when we pulled in at 2pm. Luckily, I quickly set up the tent, and we went off to a park to see our friends and get frozen yogurt!

eugene (2) eugene (6) eugene (1)

The next day we headed for Mt. Shasta. I was worried a bit, since it began to rain on our drive there. We were going to camp again in the tent. Luckily, at the Mount Shasta KOA, they upgraded us to a two room cabin right next to the bathrooms. I managed to unload our stuff just before it began to pour! We settle in to wait a bit, and then during a brief hiatus from the rain, we went out for pizza. We ended up staying there for a couple of hours before leaving in the middle of a downpour. I am so grateful for the upgrade to the cabin – I still don’t want to imagine camping in a tent in a downpour after driving for five hours with two miserable kids!


mt shasta (1)

mt shasta (2)

Next up, we headed south of Sacramento to the Brannan Island Campground, located in the Sacramento-San Joaquin river delta area. We have the campground practically to ourselves, which was good since the kids were exhausted. The kids were tired of the long drives, and so was I. They were able to ride their bikes, and I could unwind. We had one more day of long driving to reach our two-day rest place: Morro Bay.

mt shasta (4) sunrise sacramento river (2) sunrise sacramento river (3)

We stayed at the Morro Dunes RV Park, which is right across from the beach and the Morro Rock. The community had put in lovely bike and pedestrian paths since we last visited. After our respite on the beach, we walked along the boardwalk to our dinner at Tognazzini’s Dockside Too, a fish market right on the dock. We watched the seals and seagulls while being serenaded by a banjo player. It was pretty fun! After running errands, we spent the next day at the beach. By late afternoon, we were ready for some frozen yogurt and pizza!

morro bay (41) morro bay (36) morro bay (21) morro bay (18) morro bay (12) morro bay (7) morro bay (1)


Our next stop was Playa del Reyes, where our friends Anne-Marie and her family live. We stayed for two nights. The kids hadn’t seen each other since last June, so they were all excited to see each other. It was lovely to catch up with my old friend. Not that we are old! The next day, more friends joined us: Trinka and her family, and my friend Drew biked over. We played at the beach.  Sophia learned to boogie board, and I tried surfing. We had a fantastic time – for our last day at the beach. Sad to say goodbye, both to our friends and the beach! We spend about 24 days at the beach this summer!

playa del reyes (1) playa del reyes (8) playa del reyes (9) playa del reyes (10) playa del reyes (11) playa del reyes (13) playa del reyes (14) playa del reyes (19)

Our last long drive was to Phoenix to see my sister, niece, and Mom. It was a good end to our trip, since we started out our trip with them. We stayed at my sister’s house and swam in the pool. It was hot! It still is in fact.

phoenix (2) phoenix (4) phoenix (6) phoenix (8) phoenix (10) phoenix (16)






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