We spent ten days in Julian. We didn’t plan to do anything – except play and spend time together. It was fantastic not to plan every day out in advance. The kids played in the kid’s club area, doing crafts all morning and playing outside in the bouncy house. After lunch, we’d swim and do other crafts at our cabin. The days just had a nice flow to them.

2015-06-04 16.39.35 2015-06-05 18.05.27 2015-06-05 18.12.39-1 2015-06-05 18.15.21 2015-06-06 11.01.13 2015-06-06 12.24.06 2015-06-06 14.48.28-2 2015-06-07 09.43.48-1 2015-06-07 18.21.03-2 2015-06-07 18.21.03-3 2015-06-09 13.46.10 2015-06-09 13.48.30-1 2015-06-09 13.48.33 2015-06-09 14.58.11-2 2015-06-09 14.58.21 2015-06-09 15.03.48 2015-06-10 13.45.51-5 2015-06-12 13.12.40 2015-06-12 18.34.07

We did visit Dudley’s bakery in Santa Ysabel, as well as the Academy of Hand Weaving. We also explored downtown Julian, but the favorite place by far there was Mom’s Pie. The kids had pie and ice cream – and were ready for more swimming afterwards. Julian also has a lovely little library, where the kids read lots of books. We ate lots of pizza from Romano’s Italian restaurant – where Sophia lost her second tooth. We even took a train ride and panned for gold! And a trip to Julian wouldn’t be complete without a visit or two to the local brewery!


I taught the kids how to weave. It was fun to see them learning to do something I really enjoy. Even Gabe weaved – I made him a nature loom and placed some string on it. He did weave for a short bit, but cast it aside for a handmade bow and arrow made out of twigs and string. And of course, there was sewing! I made a rope basket and dresses for the girls.

2015-06-10 13.45.50 2015-06-11 10.19.47 2015-06-11 10.49.21 2015-06-11 10.58.06 2015-06-11 11.00.09 2015-06-13 12.19.29 2015-06-13 12.31.58 2015-06-13 17.40.25 2015-06-13 20.35.02

My mom and niece were with us for a week. The kids had a great time together – and I really enjoyed having time alone with my mom. Jon joined us for a couple of days, and brought Lucy too.


Julian was just lovely. I hope the rest of our journey is as much fun and relaxing.


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