Sewing Together

For Mother’s Day, I wanted a little time to myself to sew something for me. Something new. I had seen on SouleMama the Gathered Skirt for All Ages from PurlsSoho, and reallky liked the BIG pockets. I had some great Lotta Jansdotter fabric I knew would be nice for this project.

I quickly cut out my fabric and got to work. I managed to sew most of the skirt before the kids went to take naps (or quiet time, in Sophia’s case). She didn’t want to have quiet time (big surprise), and instead came out to ask what I was doing, and could she sew a skirt too? How could I say no? I put my skirt aside, and she picked out her fabric. Pink and flowers.

We measured together and cut out the pieces. Then we got to work together. She sat on my lap and helped push the fabric through the sewing machine. She learned that we need to be careful near the needle. She didn’t like the ironing part, but left that for me to do.

2015-05-10 13.15.57 2015-05-10 13.15.35

When we were almost finished, she lost interest in sewing (we were at the elastic threading part) and simply began asking me when it would be done. Soon, dear. Soon.

And just as Gabe was getting up from his nap, she had her skirt. It was a little long, but it had pockets for storing her treasures. She could twirl in it. It made her happy. She asked when we could sew together again. Soon, I replied. Soon.

2015-05-10 13.15.51

The best gift I received for mother’s day was her joy in doing something I love – sewing. It didn’t matter that I didn’t finish my skirt. I got some sweet time with my little girl.


2015-05-10 17.06.59


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