A Rainbow Sally Dress

Our friends have a little girl C, who turned five this past weekend. Her party theme was rainbows…which got me thinking of something I could quickly sew up for her. I wanted to make a dress for her last year for her birthday, but just didn’t have time. I was just as busy this year, but I found time in twenty minute intervals all week before work to sew a little bit each day. Can I just say how much more relaxed I was when I started my day? I may be onto something there.

I turned to my good old standby: the Sally Dress. I have made this dress several times now, and don’t even need the directions out anymore.  Simple, clean lines, and fun to sew – with variations for the sleeves. This time I made a sleeveless version. C is a bit petite, so I worried about making the dress too big. I found some great rainbow colored fabric at JoAnn’s.

rainbow dress (1)rainbow dress (3) rainbow dress (2) IMG_8615

It was a little big, but she loved it! Everyone should have a rainbow dress in their wardrobe, I think.


2 thoughts on “A Rainbow Sally Dress

  1. Amy

    I love the fabric you chose for C, I think it’s perfect for her personality…looks like she was quite happy with it!

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