Banana Bread

Sunday morning, Sophia woke up with a low-grade fever and runny nose. The night before, just after Gabe’s party concluded, the rain that had been holding off left loose throughout the night. It was a very cold and wet Sunday in late April, most unusual. It was no wondering we all were feeling a bit out of sorts.

After three days of fever and a worsening runny nose (and still no appetite), we went to the doctor, and discovered it is strep throat. And we can possibly expect all of us to come down with it -or just feel crummy). Lucky us.

So, banana bread. I had a pile of bananas sitting on the counter going bad. Just staring at me. We go through SO MANY bananas, that it’s strange to see them go bad so quickly.  What to do? Make banana bread, of course. But I didn’t feel much like the Joy of Cooking recipe I usually turn too. Too bland.

2015-04-28 10.48.53

I thought about about Smitten Kitchen. She always has good spins on the classics. Sure enough: there was jacked-up banana bread (with whiskey) and double chocolate banana bread. Good enough for me! I like how she used brown sugar instead of white, and not too much. I had enough bananas for another batch, so I made a version of the double chocolate, without the baking cocoa. Just chocolate chips. I’m sure Deb wouldn’t mind.

2015-04-28 11.49.45

And fresh out of the oven, these babies look good! And the whiskey version is especially tasty with green tea. Enjoy for all of us to enjoy over the next few days while we recover from the plague in our house. I may never reach for the Joy of Cooking recipe ever again. Time for a nap, please!

2015-04-28 12.17.16



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