My Boy

My boy turned three years old this weekend. All the cliches are true – time is flying by. He is a fantastic little person – the funniest things come out of his mouth, and I love seeing the world through his eyes.

We held a Super Hero costume party for him. Here’s the pinterest board we put together.  Lots of great ideas. He wanted to be Batman. And Spiderman. But mostly Batman, so I tried to accommodate it all! I quickly sewed up mask and then a little cape, and attached it to a Batman t-shirt. Sophia wanted to be Mulan, so I modified her Aurora costume with some Mulan-themed twists.

20150425_171240 20150425_171932 20150425_174457 20150425_182853 20150425_184907 20150425_185859 20150425_190804 20150425_190816

I made a vegan chocolate cake and vegan frosting (we had dairy allergies present) – the recipes are from here. We had a great time celebrating with friends! The rain held off until later than evening.

20150425_185117 20150425_185132 20150425_191337 20150425_191418 20150425_191546


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