Sweet Caroline

Last week, we had to out our Sweet Caroline to sleep. She had lost about six pounds in a very short amount of time, and suddenly wanted to spend time outside, on the front porch, alone. It was pretty clear something was not right, and a trip to the vet proved it true. Caroline was part of our lives for twelve years.

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I found at when I was working at a plant nursery store in town as an undergrad. She was just a kitten, and I brought her home. After a trip to the vet for a check-up and spade, she settled in nicely. Kitty, of course, did not like having competition, so Caroline settled on Jon as her special human. Although, she had a thing for my hair… She would wait until Kitty was nestled beside me at night, and then crawl on my pillow and wrap herself in my hair (it was pretty long then). That way, she could be next to Jon, and in my hair.

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When we brought Lucy home, both cats were not pleased, but Lucy adapted. They let her know they were in charge. It was understood in the hierarchy that it went Cats (specifically Kitty above all others), Humans, and the other Humans, and then the Dog. Caroline and Lucy had a sweet friendship, and would often be found sitting next to each other. When Panda came along, they all continued their friendship, except for Kitty, who, well, was displeased. Less attention for her. But that was Kitty.

2015-03-05 19.41.29 2015-03-20 20.17.28 2015-04-04 06.36.35 2015-04-07 16.06.21

Caroline was a sweet girl, and we’ll miss her very much. She didn’t really enjoy the kids much, but towards the end, she allowed them to pet her and love her. It’s strange not having any cats in the house anymore…



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