Spring Break

After my big event at work (which went well!), Sophia had the week off for Spring Break. Naturally, Gabe’s Spring Break is two weeks after hers.

Sophia had many plans about what we should do with our time. I had committed to teaching Monday morning at Gabe’s school, so she taught with me that morning. Afterwards, we went to the strawberry lemonade joint. Our new cistern was also installed!

2015-03-16 10.04.24 2015-03-16 12.26.25

Tuesday, we went to see Cinderella with one of her friends from school. I went for the costumes, but it was well done. The actresses were amazing! I always love Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchett, but Lily James and Sophie McShera (both of Downton Abbey) were excellent. Plus, the prince was Richard Madden from Game of Thrones. Go see it!

2015-03-17 14.10.37

Wednesday found us at my friend KC’s house, which was a lovely relaxing time. Her garden is really going strong! I was able to get quite a bit done on my weaving project.2015-03-18 15.21.35 2015-03-18 07.07.45

Thursday, after visiting the lumber store, I built a baby chicken coop or brooder. And we picked up four baby chickens! They don’t have names yet, but I’m leaning towards some literary names (Emma, Jane, Charlotte…see where I’m going?)  We’ll see how the names pan out.

2015-03-19 06.27.19 2015-03-19 09.18.10 2015-03-19 12.21.08 2015-03-19 13.50.19 2015-03-19 15.07.22 2015-03-19 15.15.31 2015-03-20 06.37.50

We had a few more friends over this weekend to play and visit with the chickens. We also put in the new spring garden. I found a strawberry growing, and ate it all by myself.  Jon had to work Saturday, something he’ll be doing almost every Saturday for the next month and a half.

2015-03-20 10.20.47

After cleaning out the pond Sunday morning, I was showing my brother and sister-in-law on skype the garden when we saw a SNAKE in the garden pond! It was trying to eat my frogs! My biggest concern was simply that it climbed over my anti-snake fence along the ocotillo fence and came in! It couldn’t get back out the way it came in and we couldn’t leave it in the garden. It was not venomous (gopher snake), but still not safe for the kids. We tried to get it out of the garden, but it just couldn’t get back over the fence. Sadly, we ended up having to kill it. I couldn’t reach my friend who husband could have come removed it for us. Things to think about when living in the desert.


I am so glad Spring is here. March weather is all over the place here, but it’s generally lovely. Just lovely. Hope your start to spring is going well!






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