{In My Garden}

Even as crazy busy as I’ve been, I needed to get my hands dirty in the soil this weekend. So did the kids. Well, anytime they go outside, they do get in the dirt, but we wanted to plant stuff this time. A quick trip to the garden store, and they had their specific flowers for their large pots that they are going to be responsible for. Of course, we didn’t get everything on their list, but that’s what Spring Break is for!

2015-03-12 09.30.24 2015-03-12 09.30.33

The kids planted their flowers, and I plants the strawberries (two new varieties – San Andreas and Albion), two new fig plants since mine was killed by the mole (Flanders and Celestial), and one new blueberry bush (Pink Lemonade!) I planted the fruits in raised pots, since I have not captured the mole, and he’s eating everything in the ground.

2015-03-12 09.28.56 2015-03-12 09.29.32 2015-03-12 09.29.36 2015-03-12 09.29.41 2015-03-12 09.29.49 2015-03-12 09.29.53 2015-03-12 09.30.03 2015-03-12 09.30.07 2015-03-12 09.30.15

My winter garden has thrived on neglect. That, and the winter rains have been good. I have lots of chard, celery, kohlrabi, and lettuce. And plenty more. I’m looking forward to Spring Break (not just because I need it!), but so I can get back in the garden. Lots of plants I want to plan. We have some new exciting projects that will be built next Monday that I cannot wait to share. In the meanwhile, enjoy this bench the kids built out of found materials in the front yard!

2015-03-12 09.30.42


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