Sophia had been enrolled in general dance at her school, but had been begging for “proper ballet”. We signed her up, only to learn that the very next week was an in-class recital. Too late to order anything just like the other girls, Mama to the rescue!

I quickly sewed a tutu that weekend. Sophia selected the colors – it was green, but far better than the lime green, since this one also had pink! We may not have had light-up wings like the other girls, but green fairy wings. Sophia loved it. I love watching her dance!

2015-02-04 15.57.56 2015-02-04 15.58.59 2015-02-04 16.41.37 2015-02-04 16.41.56 2015-02-04 16.45.05 2015-02-04 16.45.11 2015-02-04 16.46.31 2015-02-04 16.46.56 2015-02-04 16.47.03 2015-02-04 16.47.09

And the other little ballerina, who cannot wait until he can take classes too!

2015-02-04 16.01.35-2 2015-02-04 16.37.25


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