Palm Springs Sewing and Crafts Workshop

I have long wanted to connect with the sewing community by attending a workshop to meet new people and learn new skills. I’m finally going to get the chance. I’m going to Heather Ross’s Palm Springs Sewing and Crafts Workshop! I’m going to be sewing, having new adventures, and sitting poolside with cocktails in January! Did I mentioned I will be going by myself? Sans family?

Taking this time for myself will make a a better person, wife and mama. No, they probably won’t have magic ingredients in the food to accomplish this. But I do feel everyone needs time for themselves, to (re)discover who they are and what they want in this life. Even if it’s just taking a day for yourself. We need this. We deserve this. I feel fortunate that my family is supportive, even if the kids are freaking out that Mama’s not going to be there to make dinner.

You can follow along on my adventure on Instagram. Find time for yourself this weekend, and join me in reconnecting.




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