A craft bin to call her own

Crafting has been a passion in our house lately. A passion I’m happy to encourage. Sophia received many art supplies for the holidays from our family, and Gabe also loves to create. Or eat paper. But that’s creating something too. 2015-01-17 09.33.19

We received a subscription to Kiwi Crates. It’s a box that arrived monthly, full of all the supplies you’d need to make whatever the theme of the box is: scissors, glue, fuzzy balls, string. The one we opened this weekend was storytelling. The kids made stick puppets, string puppets, and set up a stage in their play fort  for telling stories. They also used the paper stage to draw their stories and then narrator them. Most of the stories involve the kids and their friends who come over to play, but one did feature Mama making dinner. Which was kinda funny…

2015-01-18 08.12.01 2015-01-18 08.12.44

Naturally, we needed a special box to keep the art supplies in. Well, we have a whole cabinet, but Sophia really wanted a sewing bin similar to the one we gave her cousin for the holidays, full of art supplies. We took a trip to the fabric store for her to pick one out. Once that adventure was finished, Mama was exhausted! Gabe really had a nice time running everywhere in the store. But, now Sophia is one pretty happy little girl, with her own bin of art supplies she can keep in her room for when the crafting itch strikes!




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