A Sunday Hike

We spend the morning of the last day of winter break hiking in Bear Canyon, in Sabino Canyon. We are fortunate to live just down the road from the back entrance to the park, where you can park for free at the trail head and head on in. It’s less than a five minute drive, and we’re in the middle of such a beautiful landscape. This was the kid’s first real hike, and they did so well, we plan to head back again soon.

2015-01-04 09.24.14 2015-01-04 09.27.39 2015-01-04 09.31.28 2015-01-04 09.49.53 2015-01-04 09.59.19 2015-01-04 10.03.19 2015-01-04 10.04.302015-01-04 10.06.03  2015-01-04 10.09.50 2015-01-04 10.40.52 2015-01-04 10.42.23We took the kids to Dairy Queen for treat afterwards. It was hilarious, with Gabe asking for “free refills” once he finished. These kids are so sweet.


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