Memory Quilt for Gram

I sewed a number of holiday projects this year, but project I was most excited about was my mom’s Disneyland Memory Quilt. I got the idea for the quilt on our trip, and knew I won’t have much time to get it together unless I was quick about it. I printed pictures from our Disneyland trip on fabric paper and made a quick patchwork quilt around the pictures, with the t-shirt we had made for the trip in the center. To quilt the quilt, I mostly sewed around the squares. I highlighted each photo with a special stitch to make the photos poop a bit more. I don’t recommended removing the paper backing from the photos as the directions call for – it makes the edges frayed. Since the quilt isn’t washable (the photos would disappear!), I’m not worried about the paper backing disintegrating in the wash.

christmas morning (69) christmas morning (70) christmas morning (71) It turned out quite nice, I think. Turns out I didn’t get any pictures of the quilt before wrapping it up, so these images are from Christmas morning.


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