Holiday Weekend Fun

We hosted a cookie bake this Saturday – which was tons of fun! It was a nice grey, raining day – perfect for baking. I made many batches of sugar cookies that I cut out and the kids decorated. And did they decorate. The little kids went first – and two of them managed to dump the entire container of sprinkles on one cookie before we stop them! Oh well! The older kids were very deliberate in their decorating. I even managed to rope the adults in to decorating a batch of cookies!

Saturday afternoon, Sophia had a birthday party at the zoo. Even though it was raining, she had a great time. Gabe stayed home with me. While he took his nap, I wrapped presents. It was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

2014-12-13 19.41.59

Sunday afternoon, Sophia and I went to see the Southwestern Nutcracker by the Tucson Regional Ballet. It was the Nutcracker, with a southwestern twist – coyotes instead of rats, a Prickly Pear Fairy, Rattlesnakes, and a giant Pinata. The dancers were mostly teenage ballerinas, but the male lead dancers were all from the University. It was amazing to see they dance, and do the lifts. Watching the ballet just re-enforced Sophia’s desire to take ballet lessons. Luckily, she starts this week.

ballet (1) ballet (2) ballet (9) ballet (10) ballet (13)


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