Sewing When I can

I haven’t posted much about the sewing I’ve done the past month or so, only because it’s been a bit sporadic that I’ve actually had time to sew. I needed to make a princess dress for Miss Katie Belle, who turned 3 years old last month. She sat down beside me at our Halloween party and was very specific in her dress requirements. It had to be two shades of purple, and lots of sparkles. Sophia and I visited the fabric store one day when she was off school last month, and off we went. We even found some pretty purple sparkly ribbon to add as details on the dress.


I used my go-to princess dress pattern – the Sally Dress. I love the simplicity of this pattern, not to mention the ease of sewing! I’ve made a number of dresses out of this pattern by now. For Katie Belle’s dress, I added sleeves, and left of the pockets. The pretty ribbon was a nice touch around the neckline.

I needed to make sure the length was correct, so Gabe was my model. Luckily, he’s a good sport!

art (13)

Katie Belle sure loved her purple princess dress!


I’ve also been hard at work on a couple of quilts. Here’s the latest one, with the preliminary quilting done. Now to add the fancy stitches and a binding.

IMG_20141210_183607I have many holiday sewing projects planned. I just hope to have time to get them finished before Christmas!


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