The change of season has finally arrived. Halloween night was the warmest night I can recall of Halloween’s past. It may have been all the velvet I was wearing, but it was warm. Sophia came home from sick with a cold and cough, which seems to be going around. Gabe had it earlier in the week – but it was croup. Seems everyone is getting a cold of some sort. We made an early night of trick-or-treating, and came home.

2014-10-31 18.04.41 2014-10-31 18.06.26

We woke up to a cool morning. Jon and the kids went to the playground for a bit in the morning. We just played inside and out all afternoon, while I cooked up a storm. We took down all the Halloween decorations, and put up Thanksgiving ones. Sunday was also very cool. I had some planting to get in – my seeds haven’t been germinating, but I think some are finally coming up. I even managed to find some time to sew a pair of pants for Gabe while the kids played with play-do.

2014-11-02 12.49.24

2014-11-02 12.45.56 2014-11-03 07.01.40

I joined a couple of girlfriends for a movie. We saw Gone Girl at Roadhouse Cinemas – a new movie joint in town with reclining seats, food & drink you can order from your seats, and smaller theaters. It was a fantastic experience – I’ll be going there again.  The movie was well done (adapted from a book of the same title), creepy and disturbing, and well cast.

2014-11-02 13.46.49

Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend, and nice week to look forward too! Autumn is here, at last!


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