Astrid, Hiccup, & Stoic Costumes

It’s almost Halloween! Have you got your costume ready yet? We certainly do – the kids have been to two parties, effectively testing out what works (and what didn’t) on their costumes. We held our own party this past weekend.

halloween  (35)

I wanted to share how I made the costumes for Astrid, Hiccup, and Stoic (from How to Train your Dragon II, not I, as Sophia would insist). We started a few months back collecting everything we would need to make costumes. To recap: we began by hunting the local thrift shops for costume parts: pants, shirts, skirts, and wigs.

2014-09-13 09.15.56

Then we needed to find leather and furs (not real fur). I went to the local discount fabric store SAS, and loaded up. Then came some cutting and sewing. I started with Astrid’s costume. I cut leather strips for Astrid’s skirt, which is actually two skirts in one. I used the brown skirt (with shorts) we found at the thrift store. I sewed leather strip to an elastic band, then attached the whole thing to the ready-made skirt.

2014-09-21 11.24.28

Sophia and I worked on the specific details for her costume when she was on Fall Break. We made skulls out of modeling clay for the skirt and armor, which actually ended up being too heavy and bulky for the skirt. Of well. We had fun making them one rainy afternoon. After realizing they would not work, I cut white skull shapes from my endless bin of felt, and sewed them to the skirt. I hot glue gunned iron-on brads to the leather straps that make the skirt – a more kid-friendly version of spikes.

And the armor. I knew this item would be a bit challenging. I cut several strips of cardboard and sewed on grey felt – so the end was six long strip of felt-covered cardboard. I sewed three together at each end – to cover the should area. I made two felt-covered squares to join these “shoulders” in the front and back. Only I made the front detachable using velcro, so it would be easy to get in and out of. Finally, I cut a long swath of fur and sewed it to the top of the armor back. One quick leather headband later, and Sophia’s costume was all set. I even managed to find a pair of leather boots at the thrift store for $5 to complete the Astrid look.

2014-10-09 16.28.01

Gabriel’s Hiccup costume consisted of brown pants and a brown shirt. I added serrated leather (somewhat like wings) to the shirt arms and legs to simulate the flight costume Hiccup wears when he’s flying on Toothless. He had a helmet and sword, so he was all set! Of course, the helmet is a bit big, but the costume looks cool!

halloween  (22)

Jon was Stoic the Vast. Stoic has a chain-mail skirt, green shirt (really more of a “manly viking dress”, and a large fur cloak. I sewed chain-mail like material (very lightweight) to a thick band of black elastic. For the fur cloak, I simply sewed a massive amount of fur to a long strip of elastic – put it on Jon to size, and sewed it together. Add a few found accessories such as wrist bands, red wig and beard, and a viking hat leftover from Gabriel’s birthday – and you have yourself on viking chief!

halloween  (23)

In case you were wondering, I want to be Maleficent for Halloween. After working so hard on everyone else’s costumes…I kinda ran out of steam for mine. I add this grand vision of a multi-layered tulle skirt in shade of black, purple, and violet. It didn’t out right on the first go, and I was out of time. I managed to find a Maleficent dress, headdress, and staff at the thrift store. I modified the velvet dress to include a much larger collar. Add lots of eye make-up and red, red lipstick – and I had one scary costume! I even scared some of the kids at our party!

maleficenthalloween  (39)Have a fun and safe Halloween!






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