{In my garden}

The kids and I took a little trip to our local nursery this weekend. It was my reward for getting the kid’s their flu shots…although, they were able to option for the nose spray instead of a shot, so it really wasn’t as big of a deal as I thought it would be. I got my shot a month ago, so Jon is still the only one who needs to get his. I’ve stocked up on orange echinacea for winter time colds, so I think we’re almost all set.

The kids love the garden shop. There are loads of cats all over the place, so we always try to find at least one to pet (asking first in case they bite!) We picked out starters of spinach and chard – even though I already plants seeds  – I LOVE my greens.

oct  (4) oct  (6) oct  (7) oct  (9) oct  (10) oct  (11) oct  (14) oct  (15)

oct  (12)

We also picked out onions and leeks, along with more herbs. The strawberry patch for the kids grew fantastically in the spring, and I do hope it returns next year. But the heat of the summer requires different plants for that area, so I decided to plant a full sun herb garden to help shade the strawberries. I also transplanted my overgrown pot of garlic to this bed. The kids sat on the porch enjoying their reward of chocolate croissants, while I did the heavy lifting. I’ll plant more seeds next week, just to make sure we have plenty of greens for the winter.

oct  (17) oct  (18)

A couple of weeks ago I planted more shrubs and ground covers to the basin around the pond. I’m hoping the cooler temperatures will encourage root growth. The plants I put in the spring had a tough summer with the heat, but some are still going strong. There’s always more to do…we’re lucky to be able to garden in the autumn and even into the winter here. It makes up for the heat of the summer!

2014-10-12 20.39.16


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