{In my Garden}

Today, I had hoped to show you the latest weekend gardening in my garden. But a glorious storm has blown in, and everything is soggy – soaking up the rain. The windows have been open, and then shut quickly if the wind shifts suddenly, blowing rain onto the floors! This only happens on one side of the house, thankfully. But the cooler temperature are a relief – and a welcome fall-like chill settles in the air in the morning and evenings. It’s glorious!

rain (1) rain (2)

Sophia and I were working on costumes when the rain started in earnest. She quickly ran into her room to prepare. She comes out in rain boots and rain jacket – ready to explore the downpour. She mostly stayed on the porch, occasionally running out to set buckets out to catch the rain. Our cistern is still full, and the overflow was gushing out. It makes me sad we could capture all this rain – we so need it. I need to call about having more gutters and tanks installed in the rear of the house. Luckily, my basins were doing their jobs, diverting rain that would have just run across the yard out into the washes.

rain (5) rain (6) rain (8) rain (9) rain (11)

The creeks in the back were flowing nicely, clearing out the leaf litter and branches from their path. Everything is once again clean and crisp looking…except for the road where creeks and washes cross their paths. There, we see a ton of sediment dumped, and cars having minor trouble traversing the area. Luckily, the neighbor with the tractor comes out and clears the path for all. What a nice person!

rain (14)

So, stop by next week. My autumn garden will be waiting.


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