It was a warm weekend, considering it’s October already. The evening air was cooler though. It’s nice that it’s not as hot as usual. We hosted friends over for dinner on Saturday. The kids ate dinner at the island counter, using the new stools we tested out from Target. I wasn’t too sure about them at first, but they do hold up well to four kids! We may switch out the wood tops to use some of the leftover zebra wood.

I made my favorite autumn meal – Moroccan Spiced Pie from BBC Good Foods. This recipe makes me remember memories of both my good friend Antje, who got me hooked on BBC Good Foods, and my sister-in-law Karima, who is Moroccan.   It’s a great vegetarian dish, and fun to make. This time I had to substitute phyllo dough for puff pastry, since I could find it at the store. Next time, if I have to use puff pastry, I won’t make as many layers, as not all of the layers were cooked thoroughly. It was still just as tasty as I remembered!

2014-10-04 17.59.10

I actually got to sleep in, and drink my morning tea in quiet – a rare treat. Jon took the kids to the park early in the morning. Just as I was getting myself out to the garden, they returned…and Sophia vomited all over the floor.  A quick bath, and she was content to sit on the porch in the morning light to rest a bit. She felt fine in a few hours. Unfortunately, Jon didn’t. Poor guy.

I managed to work a bit in the garden with Gabe, who was not sick at all. He helped me plant four plants before he decided that hanging on the porch with his sister was more fun. I finally finished getting raised beds turned over, plants in the ground (and in various pots), and most of my mess cleaned up before the kids decided they were ravenous.

We took it easy the rest of the day, just enjoying the mellow Sunday vibes. Jon did sleep a bit. Hopefully he gets over this quickly! Sophia is on Fall Break all week, so she’ll be joining me at work for a short bit a couple of days. Otherwise, she and I are going to enjoy time together, doing some of the long list of items she’s dreamed up. High on her list are finishing up our Halloween costumes, going to a movie or museum, and getting a pedicure. We shall see what we can accomplish this week!

2014-10-04 15.06.03

Hope your weekend was lovely!


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