Working part of the day on Saturday makes for a short weekend. The storms we were promised never quite materialized more than sudden short bursts (less than five minutes worth) of sprinkling. The lower temperatures and cloud cover made for nice autumn days though.

weekend (3)

Jon and the kids went to both the zoo and the Children’s Museum on Saturday, in addition to their usual ice cream with Daddy run. Needless to say, they were amped by the time I got home. We had a relaxing rest of the day. Sunday morning, the kids and I ran errands, cleaned out the carport (and took a HUGE load to the donation store), and then got down to the business of baking!

island (1) island (2)

Our new island counter top was installed on Friday, and it’s just beautiful. Naturally, we wanted to immediately cover it in flour and chocolate to test how well it holds up…

weekend (1)

We made peanut butter cookies with chocolate and peanut butter chips (oh my!), roasted a chicken with autumn veggies for dinner, and even got a head start on our weeknight meal planning with a veggie lasagna. Of course the kids do not know there are veggies inside that lasagna. I’m saving that surprise for tonight! They wandered off after tasting the first batch of cookies to play in the playroom. The counter top works just as well as I hoped. I’ll post more pictures in a separate post soon.

weekend (2)


Here’s hoping you had a lovely weekend as well! Knowing that I have work projects that will take me away for part, if not all, of the next few Saturdays, I’m determined to find time to slip away during the week to bring a little bit of gardening and sewing into my life. We mall need to take some time for ourselves, don’t we?


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