Sophia’s Unicorn Dress

Sophia requested a unicorn dress for picture day. She actually asked for one for her first day of school. But with the kitchen remodel, moving in and out of the house, and going back to work, it just didn’t happen. I ordered the fabric – the lovely unicorn print by Heather Ross. I just love everything that gal makes! Seriously! And if you haven’t yet read her memoir –How to Catch a Frog–  it’s a must-read. I laughed and cried through the entire book. I’m so excited that I’m actually going to a sewing retreat in January hosted by this remarkable woman! She also illustrates a series of children’s books called Crafty Chloe where the title character is a crafty little girl. Sophia and I read these books several times a week. Okay, enough hero worship!

So, unicorn fabric aside, I knew I wanted a quick-sew dress. Time has become increasingly short on the weekends, so I need something i could sew up in a few short bursts of 20 minutes, and hopefully finish the dress a little bit every day. I turned to my favorite quick-sew dress: The Sally. It’s a vintage-inspired dress, but with a modern twist. It’s a quick, but not boring dress to sew! Perfect!


I was so busy and sick over Labor Day weekend, I didn’t progress much on the dress. Picture Day was Friday, so I needed to get moving. A few mornings that week before work, I took 20 minutes to sew. It was actually very soothing, and I’d really like to make a habit of it, when I don’t have to leave early! One longer sewing period Thursday night, and the dress was ready!

unicorn dress (1)


She loved it so much. I love that she loved it (after a small initial fit about not wanting to wear it because the pockets were a half inch too far down the dress for her hand to comfortable fit in). And off she went for picture day! Instant heirloom dress that I can’t wait (well, I really can) for my future granddaughter to wear!

unicorn dress (2) unicorn dress (5) unicorn dress (6) unicorn dress (9) unicorn dress (10)



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