The Beauty of the Rain

My apologies to those who actually have weather other than hot, pretty hot, very hot, and monsoon rain. Rain is a cause for celebration, and sometimes fear, here in the desert.

It’s pouring rain as I type this. It’s been raining off and on all weekend, thanks to Hurricane Norbert. My garden is completely saturated. Washed have flooded, and there have been reports in the news of people in cars being swept away when they enter flooded streets. People in the desert completely forget how to drive in the rain, and rational thought (such as don’t enter flooded underpasses) goes out the window.

When it rains on the weekend, you stop and enjoy it. The kids play in the rain, and you have the time to watch the rain falling from the sky. On a work day, you have to figure out how to get the kids to school and yourself to work, along with all those other people out there on the road. It isn’t easy…

But on the weekend, you and the kids can set up additional buckets to catch water, if your cistern is completely full. You can dance in your underwear in the rain. You can sit on the porch, reading a book, admiring the rain. All of which is exactly what we did this weekend.

rainy weekend (1) rainy weekend (2) rainy weekend (3) rainy weekend (4) rainy weekend (5) rainy weekend (6) rainy weekend (7) rainy weekend (8) rainy weekend (9) rainy weekend (10) rainy weekend (11) rainy weekend (12) rainy weekend (13)

We even explored the washes (after the rain stopped – and there was NO water flowing). We played in sand, looking for mica. Neighbors rode their horses through the wash. The dog even got to join us. She was pretty tired by the time we returned home. Everything was green. It was lovely.

But the rain today, it’s a bit scary. On the news and facebook, everyone is posting photos and stories of trying to get around town. A couple of our large rivers (which are dry most of the year) are threatening to overflow their banks.  The hospital where my sister works had to relocate patients, with all the water flooding in the first floor. The desert just isn’t made to handle this much water this quickly.

Here’s hoping everyone stays safe.



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