Kitchen Updates, Weeks 4-5

First, I’d like to thank our friends who graciously let us stay in their home (while they were out of town too!) for four weeks. Words cannot express how grateful we are to you! Thank you for helping us have a fantastic place to retreat to when there was a moat in my kitchen!

We moved back into our home last week, with a partially completed kitchen. When I last shared, our new floors and cabinets were being installed. On the day we were to move back in, we needed an additional coat of color on the floors, which meant no walking on them for 24 hours! We were able to move in, just not go in the kitchen or the sewing room.

IMG_0021 IMG_0022 The floors turned out just like I had hoped – like distressed leather. The pictures above are from before the second coat of color to darken things up just a bit. Last week was a flurry of moving things. I moved everything we had over at our friend’s house back on Monday. Tuesday through Friday was spent cleaning up and bringing things back inside. Restocking the kitchen cabinets (three of the five counter tops were installed on Wednesday), and waiting for the appliance to be installed (finally, on Thursday).  That’s right, a couple of days with no appliances. Well, I did have a kitchen, of sorts:

classy kitchen

But then monsoon season really took off this week, and it wasn’t safe to have all the appliances plugged in outside. Or an umbrella up… We had storm after storm last week, and it was truly lovely! We desperately needed the rain! My plants (those that have survived) are much happier.

counter top and shelvesThis is the bar location. Not really a “bar”, but where all the liquor and glasses will be stored. Wow,  that doesn’t sound quite right…but yes, that’s what going here. The counter top is the zebra wood, and the shelves are walnut.


And here’s the view with one counter top, a sink (with running water! no more washing dishes in the bath tub!!!), and appliances. The kitchen really is coming along. We’re still waiting on the l-shaped counter for over in between the fridge and the stove, and the island. I’m hoping we’ll have that l-shaped piece by the end of this week, so that the tile back splash can be installed soon after. It seems like it’s going to be a bit of a wait to get enough of the zebra wood for the island. Patience….


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