Candi’s Quilt

My sister’s ex-sister-in-law (did you get that?) Candi asked if I would make her a quilt out of some of her favorite t-shirts. I like Candi, so I said yes, even though I’m not fond of t-shirt material. Candi sent me 20 shirts a long time ago (umm, perhaps after Christmas?), and I cut them out at the beginning of the summer. Candi was going to visit around the July Fourth holiday, so I thought it would give me enough time to get things together.

candy quilt layout (1)

IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011

Well, things like a kitchen remodel happened, and her quilt was only completed recently! I had the quilt top finished before the July holiday, but she changed her plans about coming out to visit. Lucky me!

Once the top was complete, I needed to make a backing. Candi really has a thing for mustaches. I came across some fabric at JoAnn’s that was perfect! Only, I didn’t buy enough… So, when my sister was visiting this summer, I was able to get some more mustache fabric.

IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014


Then I was able to quilt the whole thing. T-shirt material still is NOT my favorite material to sew with, and I probably won’t make another t-shirt quilt. It’s just not my thing. But it sure make someone happy!

candi quilt


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