Kitchen Updates, Week 3

The end of second week of the kitchen remodel saw the first two coats of the new concrete overlay floor installed. While we no longer have a moat, a nice smooth floor is a plus! The final coat of color will go on at the end of the cabinet installation. Speaking of cabinets, this is where we are: cabinets are currently being installed!

cabinets (1)  cabinets (7)

Our cabinet installer, Vic, worked with me on the location of the island with bookcases. I wanted to make sure there would be plenty of room with the overhang from the counter top and passing room. I even brought Jon’s chair into the kitchen to make sure there was enough space for his spot! Of course, we don’t have the mantle hanging on the wall currently, so I couldn’t do a try test. The next few days will be filled with cabinet installation (making everything plumb and level), installing drawer pulls, and the final coat of the concrete overlay. It’s exciting to see it all come together!


cabinets (6) cabinets (4)


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