Kitchen Updates, Week 2

I’m a bit behind on the updates, so you’ll get two this week. Things are progressing fast! Week two brought new electrical and plumbing lines, and drywall! I made a couple of trips to Ikea in Tempe to pick up the hood vent, drawer pulls, and a chair (which I later returned). We even bought a table!

2014-07-28 16.18.58 floors, part 1 light in kitchen (1) light in kitchen (2) lights (1) lights (2) lights (3) lights (4) lights (5) lights (6) lights (7)

The moat was filled in (sadly, for the kids), and drywall folks got to work! And then I had to finalize a decision on the color. I had made a board on pinterest, looking for the prefect gray. I then picked up four samples, painted them on foam board and compared them with the tile and zebrawood.

colors zebrawood

We narrowed it down to two colors, both Benjamin Moore paints. Then our contractor told us he preferred to use Sherwin Williams, since the cost of BM paint was $60 per gallon for him! He was willing for us to use it, if we paid the difference. We were shocked at the cost, and then I remembered my favorite gray was from Sherwin Williams, but I hadn’t gotten a sample. Our local ACE hardware carried only BM, and the local big-box stores carried other brands. I took a trip to the SW store in town, got my sample, and just loved it. Our contractor gave a me a sample of the textured drywall to really give me a better idea of the color on the walls.

tile and paint (1) tile and paint (3)

I love how the gray makes the tile pop! I couldn’t wait to see it on the wall. Jon wanted a darker gray on the trim, so we went a couple of colors down on the color chart (Gauntlet Gray) It may be a bit too dark, but it’s fine for now. Here’s the results!

repose grey (2) repose grey (3) repose grey (4) repose grey (5) repose grey (6) repose grey (7) repose grey (8) repose grey (9) repose grey (10) repose grey (11)The doors for the pantry and the main door will be painted the Repose Gray until we replace the doors. That should happen somewhat soon. In the meanwhile, I’m loving the light in this kitchen!


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