A Visit

I took the kids up to Phoenix last week to pick up my sister and niece for a visit in Tucson. It was so nice to see them! We had rain storms, played in the pool (not at the same time mind you!), and just had a good time. We sewed (the girls made felted stuffed animals), and I worked on a quilt. I even made progress on my Washi Dress! It was a good time for a visit, since we have extra rooms in our borrowed house, a pool, and school starts soon. Hooray for summer time!


2014-08-03 03.32.56 2014-08-03 03.33.36 2014-08-03 03.33.52 2014-08-03 03.33.57 2014-08-03 03.33.59 2014-08-03 03.34.07 2014-08-03 03.34.31 2014-08-03 03.34.39 2014-08-03 03.34.53

IMG_20140801_153423 IMG_20140802_073510 IMG_20140802_074542 IMG_20140802_091256 IMG_20140802_105120 IMG_20140802_135358 IMG_20140802_160041


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