Kitchen Remodel: A Few Days In

Things have been busy! We celebrated Sophia’s birthday with an epic party last weekend, and moved out of the house early this past next week. Friends have very generously loaned us their house while they are out of town. They have a pool. It’s an amazing gift, especially in July! We visit our house almost daily, what with the cat, chickens, and plants to care for. All of our neighbors are also keeping an eye on the place for us too. It’s great to have a good community of people to rely on!

So, the kitchen. Wednesday was demo day. The walls between the laundry and the kitchen came down, down, down… and suddenly, there was light! It’s kinda hard to see in these pictures, but there is so much more light now that the window in the former laundry room isn’t blocked by walls. The lower ceilings were also removed, except for where the air duct is located. That really helps make the space seem bigger.

Looking towards the dining room
Looking towards the dining room
Looking towards the former laundry room
Looking towards the former laundry room
Looking at the entrance and new laundry area
Looking at the entrance and new laundry area


It is hard to see much with the wires hanging down and people in the pictures! I’ll take more this week one afternoon when no one is there working.

We met with our contractor to discuss outlet and light switch placement. In detail. Our kitchen was mapped out, and around we went, figuring out where we wanted everything. It was a little overwhelming, knowing that those walls were going to be opened up soon, and new switches and outlets were going in on Monday.

remodel_first days (4)

remodel_first days (1) remodel_first days (7)

You might be wondering what sort of kitchen feature includes a trench across the floor. All the better to keep out invaders, of course! Nope, since the laundry room is being moved to live behind cabinets on the wall going in to the sewing studio, new water and waste lines need to be installed. The trench will be going by the middle of this week. And all the saltilo tile is gone, making way for the new concrete overlay floors what should be installed in another week.


We’re still sorting out the paint color. I know, leaving it to the last possible moment… But, it is such a big deal, and we need to know in less than 2 weeks. We’ve been thinking of a light grey to complement and highlight all the other striking features we’ll have in the kitchen, from the amazing tiles from Health, and zebra wood counter tops, and white cabinets. The new concrete overlay will be some sort of distressed leather look (still need to finalize that too!). We thought we had the color sorted out (the gray on the left above), only to find out the contractor prefers to use another brand of paint! They could match it, but I’ll just pop down to the paint store (with the kids! another adventure!) and see what we can find.

Never a dull moment around here!




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