In My Garden

I usually blog about the garden located in the front of the house. After all, this is where I’ve focused most of my energy these past years. But we have quite a bit of land in the back of the house. It is harder to grow plants back there, as it is open to the wild critters that explore and love in the desert. We have two washes that bisect the back, merging together as they leave our land. Now, these washes don’t run year-round, but come monsoon season, it’s a treat to watch them flow!

rain (2) rain (3)

Our chicken coop, BBQ area, playground, and lots of open space are in the back. We have flagstone patios Jon installed for our wedding almost 9 years ago just off the back of the house, and a large 24 x 16 concrete patio we used for our dance floor.Here’s a link to the old garden site off the bedroom and the chicken coop. We’ll put the wet bouncy house here for the party. The kid’s playground area was the site for our wedding ceremony. The back yard has many memories, but with smaller kids, we naturally gravitate towards the enclosed front garden space (the kids are contained!)

backyard (1) backyard (2) backyard (3) backyard (4) backyard (6)The mesquite trees in the back grow very quickly. It seems we have just finished pruning everything and it’s all over grown again. Since we’re hosting a certain birthday girl’s party here in this space in less than a week, this area needed sprucing up. We’ve done several dump runs with the pick-up (which doesn’t have much space in the bed of the truck). My dad gave us his small trailer, which is fantastic for loading branches and other tree-related debris. I’ve loaded it up twice now…and need to visit the green waste dump again soon.

dump run (1) dump run (2)

We’ve planted many things in the back yard over the years, but the combined efforts of the wild animals and lack of an irrigation system soon defeats the plants. We’re going to install a new shed/office building just off our bedroom in the coming months. Jon will finally have his own space to work when at home, and we need more storage for camping gear. Plus, it will be nice to have a workout room space to keep the weights and maybe a rowing machine. I have plans for this new spot in terms of outdoor patio space. We’ll take down the ocotillo fencing and have one large open area between the buildings. I plan on finding a couple of loungers to place outside our room, to make more of an adult retreat. We’ll finally add a flagstone pathway and outdoor shower over by the hot tub. And I will add more plants, again. It will be lovely. Soon. In the meanwhile, it’s getting tidy! And there are more trees to prune!

backyard (5)





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