A Crocheted Surprise

My friend Becky crocheted me the most beautiful turquoise blanket. I’m not sure what pattern or stitch she used, but it is so lovely, simple, and elegant. I adore it.


I’ve been cuddling beneath it every night once the kids are in bed. I don’t really need it for warmth, although we’ve had a couple of nice rain storms that have lowered the temperature a bit. I even find myself bringing the blanket with me to nap (when the chance arises) just a like a little kid! It’s just so cozy and comforting.

I’ve placed my blanket (for it is mine – no one is allowed to make a fort with it!) on my chair (which unfortunately, the little ones seem to gravitate toward). I often come into the room to find Sophia ensconced in my cozy chair. And well, I can hardly blame her – it is the best seat in the house, especially now.

This chair (which I found at a thrift store) is a lovely yellow color. I love the lines and color of the chair, except that it has some deep stains that won’t come out. I mask these stains with the Valentine Quilt over the back of the chair. I just love the colors together. Add in a cherry yellow table and foot stool (I’m partial to yellow – can you tell?), and I’ve got a lovely nook for myself. A place for me to relax – made even more special with my new crocheted blanket. Thank you Becky!



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