Kitchen Remodel

You may have noticed a decrease in blog posts this summer. While I have been busy with the kids and on vacation at times, it’s because of another reason: we’re planning our kitchen remodel. And it’s going to be epic!

The project starts towards the end of the month. I’ve been frantically looking at appliances, floor options, paint colors, tables & chairs…and making decisions with Jon. It’s crazy how much work it is to figure out just exactly what you want, and how to fit it within your budget. We are working with a local kitchen cabinet company, who works in conjunction with a local (small) construction company. It’s been a busy six months, just planning and organizing the details.

So, what are we doing? We’re knocking down the laundry room wall, opening up the kitchen and dining room spaces. The saultilo tile floor is being removed from the kitchen area, up until the opening to the front door entrance area. In the old kitchen space, as well as the sewing room/office, a new concrete floor overlay will be installed. Tiles have been ordered, appliance purchased, and many many boxes have been packed. Yes, the sewing room, library, and office space have been mostly packed up. The insanity!

To give you an idea of the remodel plans, here’s the aerial floor plan:

PELLETIER 6-25_Final

As you walk in the door from the carport (top of the image), on your right will be a combined landing zone (place to stash keys and phones) and the laundry behind closed doors. Pet food, brooms, and a place to store large infrequently used items will be stored in the this area. I plan on finding or building some sort of a bench to have a place to sit to take shoes off or place bags as we come in.

On the right, no more wall! Instead, we’ll have an open L-shaped kitchen, with an island. The cabinets are going to be a sleek flat-front white. The counter tops will be zebra wood:

zebra wood

and the back splash tiles will be this lovely green tile from Health Ceramics:

2014-04-01 11.08.27

I’ll have better pictures for you soon. We will not have any upper cabinets, just open shelves made from walnut wood. It’s going to be a modern, rustic kitchen. I’m not sure what to call it, but I’m SO excited about it. I’ve been waiting for months to share the news. So, stay tuned for more. Right now, I’m off to pack more boxes and plan a birthday party:

packing (2) packing (3)


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