Anne-Marie’s Patchwork Quilt

I made a patchwork quilt top before we left on our trip. I used up old squares and rectangles from other quilts. I didn’t know who this quilt was meant for…

But when we returned from our trip, I knew. It was for Anne-Marie. She has two little boys and they all live by the sea. Each boy had received quilts from me when they were born. I decided it was time for Anne-Marie to have her own too. It’s a lap-quilt of sorts, roughly 60 inches by 60 inches. The backing is a pretty floral pattern sheet I thrifted.  I kept the quilting very simple, just a few straight lines up and down. I sent it off this week, and she should have it soon.

2014-06-20 14.43.03 2014-06-20 14.43.32

One sweet bit: one of the fabrics in the quilt I used in her oldest boy’s quilt. I found it when I de-stashing my stash and just knew it had to be included. I wonder if she’ll know which one I mean…it’s one of my favorites! Either way, I’m just glad to have figured out who this quilt belonged with!



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