{in my garden}

It’s warm and dry. There’s no getting around this fact. June is such a warm month in the desert. It seems like the rains are so far away (and it doesn’t help when the meteorologists are now saying the monsoons will be delayed until August and September!). All we want it the cooler temperatures and the nourishing rains to replenish and revive everything. We flock to water in any form. We swam in all of our neighbor’s pools this weekend (with permission of course – they are very generous!), and spend the hottest parts of the day hunkered down inside with the air conditioning. But our plants don’t have this option. And it shows in the wilted, dry, crispy leaves that result, no matter how much water they are given.

Only a few tomatoes are slowly ripening on the vines. Some of the figs have fallen off, not reaching that ripe stage for picking. And everything is thirsty.

2014-06-26 08.04.14 2014-06-26 08.04.21 2014-06-26 08.04.26

We try to combine the plant’s need for additional water with our desire to cool off. Gabe has been playing with the hose in the sunken garden. The pixie mandarin loves the extra water. So does Gabe. When it’s time to empty the kid pool out, the water is dumped into the basin aorund the pond. I’ve even considered sitting in the pond with frogs. At that point, I go inside and take another shower to cool off!

2014-06-26 07.35.25

In the early morning hours, it is possible to do some work in the garden. Jon replaced the black lining we had in the rock edging off the porch with leftover flagstone. The black plastic just kept coming out the ground. The flagstone makes for a cleaner look – and works so much better.

2014-06-26 08.04.51

I’ve been clearing out the original garden area off our bedroom. We have plans to install a concrete pad there with a large (10 feet by 26 or so feet) shed. Part of this shed will be fixed up for an office space for Jon. And perhaps double as a guest space with a murphy bed. The ocotillo fencing will be relocated and the patio extended. It should be a lovely space off the bedroom by the hot tub. It’s just a bit of work moving and getting rid of all the old stuff we stashed there. I’ve done two trips the the green waste dump this week, which Gabe totally enjoyed. All those big trucks!

2014-06-26 08.23.14 2014-06-26 08.23.31 2014-06-26 08.23.38

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that those rains come soon!


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