Airstream Remodel, Part 1

As we prepare for latest adventure, I had wanted to share the updates to the airstream. But I didn’t have time before we left! You may recall the woodworking part of the updates – particularly in the sink and stove counter, and the new dining table/bed. Now the sewing has been completed…

New cushions for the seating and the table (when it is in bed mode). The foam cushion on the table is relocated when we are using the space to eat. I made new pillows to lean against during meals. It’s very cozy and colorful now. I updated the curtains with blackout materials, in the hopes that Gabe will sleep in. At least until 6AM. Hoping

2014-04-03 17.53.16 2014-04-15 17.10.33 2014-05-18 13.42.432014-05-18 16.00.032014-05-23 14.36.12 2014-05-23 14.35.54 2014-05-23 14.36.392014-05-23 14.39.48 2014-05-23 14.39.07 2014-05-23 15.16.36 2014-05-23 15.16.25 2014-05-23 14.59.28I think it turned out great! It worked very well for us on the trip. And now we have so much storage space, I didn’t even fill it up completely! I am so happy with the work we had done.

2014-06-06 16.56.20 2014-06-06 18.12.29 2014-06-08 17.33.44 2014-06-08 17.38.31




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