In My Garden

We’ve returned from our beach trip, thankfully avoiding the heat of early June. The rains haven’t arrived yet, but the moisture is in the air. We even had a few sprinkles yesterday, which lowered the temperature. It’s early still for the monsoon rains, but we’ll take what we can get.

Things have been tough in the garden. I’m not too sure if the irrigation system worked perfectly, or if I just need to increase the watering time. The strawberry patch is a bit crispy looking, so I think they’ll need a shade cloth added to their canopy this week. The salvias in the bed are really happy and flowering, which pleases the hummingbirds looking for a feast of nectar.

june (1)

The tomato plants aren’t flowering in this heat, and only a few tomatoes are left to pick or slowly turn red. They will rebound once the rains come. The peas I planed on a lark have taken over the cucumbers, sheltering them with their vines. Kinda like tempary beans with the corn and squash do – the three sisters- none of which I’ve planted this year. Maybe just before the rains I’ll plant a few of those plants.

My basil is fairly happy underneath the shade cloth, but I think it’s time to add more posts to make a shade cloth for the leeks. They are feeling the brunt of the sun. It can be brutal this time of year – the sun is intense. My figs are slowly turning purple. Soon, I can pick them.

june (2) june (3)

Hope your garden is growing well!



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