In My Garden

The Palo Verde trees have been blooming like crazy here.  People keep posting pictures on facebook to show folks with colder or wetter weather that we too get showers. It’s just showers of bright yellow palo verde flowers! It’s lovely to see, but it really makes you sneeze and your eyes water. At least, that’s how it is for me. Plus, the wind has been blowing like crazy.

photo from tumamoc hill, where i was teaching a class this week
photo from tumamoc hill, where i was teaching a class this week

Other plants in the garden are still blooming. The tomato plants are blooming and setting fruit, which means we’ll have some tasty tomatoes before long.  Which is good, since the early strawberries are nearly finished, and we’re waiting for the mid-season berries to grow large enough to eat. Not that it stops my children!

IMG_20140430_065349 0430140655 0430140655a 0430140653 0429140645aI’ve added a shade structure to the veggie beds. I need to finish the anti-bird cover over the berry patch before the birds eat all blueberries! They aren’t quite ripe yet, but the birds have been eating them like crazy! Somehow, more plants have shown up, waiting to be planted in the garden. I think I shouldn’t be allowed to go the store alone. Even if all I go in for is pond pump parts, plants end up in my basket.

0430140652 0430140652aLovely, aren’t they? I figured since the spinach and lettuce are done in the berry patch, I need to add something else… Plus, one plant in the basin around the pond didn’t survive the viking party. So, I thought four more plants might… Hmm…math doesn’t seem to be my strong suit!

hmm..more plants in the green bucket to plant.

The munchkin crew is having fun on the porch each day, visiting our chicks. They are getting so big so quickly! They have most of their feathers now, and I’ve wondering if I should move them out to the large coop soon. But they still use the heat lamp at night. I think they are still too small, and would get picked on even more by the older gals. So, for now, they’re going to stay in the front garden.

2014-04-30 06.51.03 2014-04-30 06.51.14 2014-04-30 06.51.26 2014-04-30 06.51.33

I have to admit, I really like having chicken in the front yard. I found several caterpillars on the pixie mandarin orange, so we fed them to the chicks. It was fun to see the girls figure out what to do with their treat (sorry caterpillars – you can’t eat my plants!)

my niece Sedona, holding Beatrice
my niece Sedona, holding Beatrice

2014-04-25 06.55.24Hope your garden is growing well this week!




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