The Vikings Came

The Vikings came this weekend for Gabriel’s birthday. My little guy turned 2 years old. Inconceivable. He’s such a fantastic little guy.

So, the vikings. You’re probably wondering where that came from. Gabe has a bath toy that is a viking boat. We asked him what theme he wanted for his party (very important things to his older sister). He said Papa. We said Papa would be coming to the party, but he kept insisting on “PAPA!”. He pointed to the boat, where there was a picture of a viking on the side (who, by the way, does not resemble Papa much, except that he has a mustache). So, there you have it – we needed to have a viking party!

I looked on Pinterest for ideas for a viking party, and found out about How to Train your Dragon. We watched it and the kids loved it. So, viking and dragons…not historically accurate, but fun. I decided to make felt hats (no swords or anything kids could use to whack each other – we have enough instances of that with the toy shovels), and a viking boat. Not a real floating boat, but one to stand behind to take pictures with – a prop for the party. Yes, it was time consuming to build a viking boat and paint it…but the kids were off for spring break and it was a great project to involve them in. Not the power tool part, although Sophia kept me company during the two days of construction during naps.

viking boat (1) viking boat (4) viking boat (8) painting (3) painting (5)

We painted the boat together (well, Gabe mostly painted Sophia and himself), but they had fun. I sewed enough hats for all the kids & adults. It was also a bit time consuming, but again, the kids had fun helping me.

2014-04-05 14.29.44 2014-04-05 14.41.04 2014-04-09 13.48.25The day of the party, I make a viking boat cake (which tasted much better than it looked), and pretzels with chocolate for “spears”, plus lots of food.

IMG_20140426_103055 IMG_20140426_103122 IMG_20140426_142317 IMG_20140426_153617

In the first 20 minutes, Gabe managed to trip over a hula hoop and smash his face in. Off we went with a screaming bloody child to urgent care. An hour later, we returned to the party, with a goose egg on his head, a smashed nose, and three stitches above his lip. I had to hold him down while they stitched up his face. Worst. Part. Ever. We told everyone he fought a battle with ruffians, but the dragon wrestling did him in…

birthday (7) birthday (10) birthday (11) birthday (14) birthday (17) birthday (19) birthday (24) birthday (30) birthday (34) birthday (45) birthday party (1) birthday party (2) birthday party (3)





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