In My Garden

2014-04-16 08.06.22 2014-04-16 09.08.53 2014-04-18 07.41.37 2014-04-18 07.44.51 2014-04-18 07.46.57 garden (1) garden (2) garden (3) garden (4) garden (5) garden (6) garden (7)It’s the week of the strawberry! We ate so many luscious red berries straight from the berry patch this past week. They were so sweet and tasty! The spinach is nearly gone. I harvested basil for some roasted veggies, and the flavor just explodes in your mouth. The first of the tomatoes are here. Soon, with luck, we’ll eat warm tomatoes from the garden.

I even finished the irrigation project, at least as far as I can do it. One of my lines is very sluggish. After conferring with folks at the hardware store, it’s going to be hard for me to figure out what’s wrong. So I’ll need to call someone for help. At least I managed to get this far!

We’ve seen so many butterflies (Checkered White Butterfly?)visiting the butterfly bushes (purple flowers). The hummingbirds have been visiting the salvias in the berry patch, dive bombing us if we get too close to the hummingbird feeders. The goldfinches have a great time when Jon and the kids fill the feeders. Our baby chicks are happy.

Everything is just so lovely right. My favorite moments are on the porch in the morning, with all of the flowers and leaves backlit from the sunrise. It’s just so peaceful. I hope your garden is blooming too!


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