Spring Chickens

Two of our chickens died last week, bringing our total number of chickens down to ten. Egg production dropped dramatically for some reason (trauma, or melancholy?) These girls are a few years old, and egg production usually slows as they age. I hadn’t planned on getting an new chickens yet – we have a number of projects up in the air right now.

But a trip to the hardware store last week got me thinking. (They sell chicks). I was all set to get a few more chicks, but forgot I had loaned my friend all of my baby chick feeders. She was out of town, so I had to wait. But when she returned, she also loaned us the super chick mobile nesting box her husband build. We put it on the front porch, and strung a heat lamp over it.

chickies (7) chickies (8)

And then the kids and I went back to the hardware store. We came home with four lovely girls: two Ameraucana chicks and two Gold Sex Link chicks. We even named our chicks. In the past, we’ve never named them because they were going to be food once they were done laying. Once we realized backyard butchering wasn’t going to work for us, we still replaced the flocks in such a large number (10+), that naming all of them wasn’t going to be something I could remember. But four little chickens, yes, we named them: Béatrice, Edwina, Goldy (or Pink, or Sparkles), & Daddy-poop-chicken. I’ll give you three guesses as to who named which chicks…

chickies (1) chickies (2) chickies (3) chickies (4) chickies (6)

Now, each day, the sweet symphony of birds chirping, bull frogs croaking, and baby chicks cheeping greets us – and continues all day long. The porch just looks complete with the chicks. All the flowers are in bloom, and the morning light is lovely. I did find myself checking on them during the night, just to make sure they were warm enough. So did Jon. Everyone had to say hello before breakfast, and goodbye on our way to school. Chicks.  Such a sweet springtime thing…

chickies in morning (1) chickies in morning (2) chicks (1)


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