2014-03-29 15.09.45 swim time (2) swim time (3)spring garden (2) spring garden (4) spring garden (6) spring garden (10) spring garden (11)viking boat (3) viking boat (8)It was a little bit warm and windy, so there was LOTS of time spent playing in the pool. We managed to plant even more plants, and found time for a construction project. That’s right, I sneaked in the man shed and brought out the power tools*! My husband was out of town doing field work. Gabe finally stopped throwing up – an event that last off and on all week long. And his appetite is back with a vengeance – he just won’t stop eating! I hope your weekend was as much fun as ours!

*In our division of sheds, Jon’s shed (referred to as the man shed) is where all the power tools are stored and labeled properly. It’s not that ladies cannot use the power tools, it’s that some ladies don’t always put them back in the man shed, and instead keep them for herself. Yes, I do have my own shed. No power tools are stored there – I keep mine hidden inside the house, close to the hidden chocolate supply.


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