Airstream Remodel

If you’ve been checking out the instagram link on this blog, you may have noticed a new project I haven’t mentioned yet. We’re remodeling part of our 1971 Land Yacht Airstream, specifically working the kitchen and dining/sleeping areas.

before (1)

Scary furnace that shoots fireballs at you!before (3)before (2)

So little storage and no place to eat!in progressThe kitchen is getting new oak cabinets and a new counter top (Baltic Birch).  The stove wasn’t supported, and was causing the counter to sag. The counters were quite worn and cracked. And the sink, well, you couldn’t wash anything in it without another plastic pan to hold water. The old furnace was scary to light – think lighting a match and waiting for a fire ball to indicate that it worked. Very safe. And there was no storage underneath the leaking sink. Things needed a change.


2014-04-04 07.08.47The sleeping area is, by far, the largest change. Previously, we had just a bed that could be pulled out for the kids to sleep on. Gabe actually always slept in a crib next to this bed. We had no place to eat, except with our food in our laps. Kids don’t manage this very well, as you might imagine. So, the plan for this area was a sleeping area that could quick-change to a bed for both kids. Something with storage to store all that bedding when we didn’t need it. And a table to eat at.

I started at pinterest and made a board for the remodel. I love pinterest! I found many ideas to help guide use in the design. But I really lucked out in finding someone to execute all my crazy ideas. Norm, our carpenter, is amazing. He took my ideas (and poor drawing – see above!), a and ran with it. He came up with the idea for using pre-made oak cabinets for the kitchen. In the bed/dining area, it’s all custom woodwork with storage.

2014-04-03 08.15.36 2014-04-03 17.52.28 2014-04-03 17.53.062014-04-03 13.33.37 2014-04-05 17.11.292014-04-03 17.53.16  2014-04-03 17.54.02 2014-04-03 17.53.16

We still have more work to do (staining the wood, finishing the table, sewing new cushions!), but it’s coming along nicely. I’ll share more soon.



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