Diana Krall

My husband surprised me with tickets to see Diana Krall on her Glad Rag Doll tour this weekend. It was an early anniversary present. The concert was phenomenal – Diana has such an amazing voice, and she was so funny on stage too! She played with her band, and alone with just her voice and the piano. Oh, how I wish I could sing well. Or play an instrument!

Via Diana Krall.com
Via Diana Krall.com

Our seats were a bit far from the stage, but that was fine. Her latest album is a homage to her father’s 78 record collection, with a special emphasis on the Ziegfeld Follies taken during the 1920s. During the show, there were images and silent films behind the stage to accompany the music…which was a little distracting at times, I’ll admit. But the music, it was SO wonderful!

Here’s some of my favorite songs, albeit, a little sad: Cry Me a River & A Case of You

Here’s a link to many more videos of Diana! Enjoy!



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